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(281) 543-5622

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Chemical Maintenance

  • Pool Side Chemical Test
  • Needed Chemicals Added
  • Visually inspect pool's mechanical maintenance system

Chemical, Basket, and Backwash Maintenance

  • All the above services, plus
  • Clean pump basket
  • Cleaning the skimmer baskets
  • Cleaning the lint pots
  • Cleaning the automatic pool cleaner traps
  • Backwashing the filter as needed
  • DE replacement included

Chemical, Basket, Backwash and Vacuum Maintenance
  • All the above services, plus
  • Hose off the perimeter (if pressurized water available)
  • Brush the walls, steps and seating areas
  • Surface skim the floating debris
  • Vacuum or leaf master (as needed)
  • Clean the tile
  • Maintain proper pool level (while on site)

Pool, Spa and Equipment Repairs- please contact us for estimates

Pool Openings- please contact us for an estimate

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